Granville Island Brewing – Irish Red Ale

Released before St. Patrick’s Day, Granville Island has come to the plate with an Irish Red Ale.  Make no mistake, this is a wonderfully balanced brew, made with Pacific Northwest Hops, it has a mild bitterness with some caramel / toffee notes that just works.  At this point, it is the Red Ale to which I will be comparing others to!  After drinking 6 of these, I’m convinced that this is the best Red Ale I’ve ever tried.

The bottle has a beautiful label, promoting the fact that this is a ‘Limited Release’ brew.   Released just before St. Patrick’s Day, I thought it would only be around for a few weeks, and have been delighted to continue seeing it in liquor stores.  It is, however, getting harder to find!  If you’ve never tried it, buy one before they’re all gone!  You won’t regret it!

Granville Island Brewing Irish Red Ale

Granville Island Brewing Irish Red Ale, available for a limited time!

This is one beer that I would like to keep on hand at all times,, it is easily my favorite go-to beverage for company, as well as my wife!  It is her all-time favorite beer, perhaps the reason we continue to keep more than one on hand at all times..

The beer has an alcohol content of 5.6%, and is available in 650ml Bottles.

Have you tried this Irish Red Ale?  What are your thoughts?  Feel free to leave a comment!


One thought on “Granville Island Brewing – Irish Red Ale

  1. Franki

    Love it! This beer has to be one of my favorites. Granville Island Irish red ale, is the perfect combination of hops, malt and Carmel with a nice carbonation. Very crisp. It is just to bad that it is only limited release.


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