Phillips Slipstream Cream Ale

Nearing the end of my Variety Pack from Phillips, I realized there hasn’t been a single review of these… I don’t need a 650ml bottle to post about a beer!  Halfway through my glass I decided to post this…

Cream Ales are definitely something you need to like to enjoy, some people just don’t like cream ales.. My wife included!  The Slipstream from Phillips Brewing is one of my favorite Cream Ales available, one that is malty and smooth, with a very subtle hint of hop tartness.

There is very little to no head at any point in the pour, there is light carbonation that keeps it dancing, however it drinks amazingly smooth.  This may be my favorite part of Cream Ales in general, the smooth delivery of their flavors!  Very unoffensive.

The beer is 5% Alc, and comes in a 341ml bottle, in a 6-pack or part of the Phillips Variety Pack.

Bottle Description:

“Slipstream is a precision crafted cream ale, smooth as a pedal stroke and balanced like a sweet curve in the road. Cooperative fluid dynamic techniques create a beer that is greater than the sum of its parts. The path of the least resistance is actually through a bottleneck.  Tuck into the slipstream & enjoy the ride!”


Due to a POS photo editing program saving my photo as a 1×1 pixel for some reason, I had to use my accidental flash-enabled photo… Apologies for the quality, this won’t happen again!

So, do you like Cream Ales?  What are some great ones you’ve tried?  I’d love to hear from you!


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