Tree Brewing – Serendipity No. 7

From Tree Brewing comes their limited release Barrel-conditioned brew, Serendipity No. 7.  Tree Brewing has been increasing their unique releases lately, and I’ve been impressed every time.  Serendipity was no different.


After opening, I instantly smelled the whiskey oak barrel scent, with a light hint of coffee in the background. The beer poured a deep dark brown, with a dark tan head lingering quite well. 

I seriously enjoyed this beer, heavy oak whiskey flavor was at the forefront, with light coffee flavor coming through shortly after.  The taste was very smooth like a wine, but with a good beer bite. 

Since this is a limited release brew, get one while you can, as with all Tree Brewing’s releases, it does not disappoint!

What do you think of barrel-conditioned brews?  Do they add appropriate flavors?  Let me know!



2 thoughts on “Tree Brewing – Serendipity No. 7

  1. Dyllon Lemieux

    I find barrel-conditioned brews are good on occasion. The ones I have tried have a sweeter/more mellow taste which I feel need to be balanced with a meal, not solo. I have yet to find a barrel-conditioned beer that brings a light smooth whiskey taste to a bold hops bite.

  2. mikescraftbeer

    The #6 release is the one I think I tried and it just tasted way to much like the thirsty Beaver amber ale. A good beer for sure but nothing new. It looks like things have changed with this one which is exciting!

    As for barrel aging I am loving it so far for the most part


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