Tin Whistle Brewing – Stag Apple Scotch Ale

What a treat this was!  I have to tell a small story of how I came to own a Stag from Tin Whistle before it was available bottled…

Traveling through Penticton on a Sunday, I check to see if Tin Whistle is open.. negative!  Blast!  We do our business just north of Keremeos, and on the way back, I just happen to glance over and see the open sign on!  I bet you can still see my tire tracks in the familiar shape of a u-turn!

Inside I am greeted by the nicest older lady, who offers us some tastings… right beside the vats, which I have to say are very small compared to ones I’ve seen!  They’re not kidding when they say ‘Brewed in small batches’! 

I glance around at the 650ml bottles in the store, seeing a few I recognize, a few I don’t… My wife picks out a Kettle Valley Amber.. and I pick out Scorpion Double IPA… one I’ve had before and loved.

At the register, I see a different bottle, one I’ve never seen before… I kindly ask the lady what it is, and if it’s for sale in the same sentence, and she replies “You may be able to twist my arm into buying that…”  I had no idea they weren’t available, I thought I was getting the LAST of a limited run, not the very beginning!  With some arm twisting & money exchanging hands, I was excited to try this, but told myself I had to wait…


The rest is from memory, I was foolish and didn’t take notes…

Upon pouring, I got a strong scotch-ale smell, beautiful dark amber color, with an off-white head.  Tasting it was absolutely beautiful… there is a hint of cinnamon to compliment the apple, and the apple compliments the scotch taste… It was a complex flavor, but one I couldn’t get enough of… soon my glass was empty and I was wishing I had another!

Looking forward to when this hits shelves, I will be buying a few and perhaps editing this review with an on-the-tongue tasting report!




Howe Sound Brewing – Total Eclipse of the Hop

Browsing my liquor store I see a beautiful bottle at the bottom among the Howe Sound section.. It is “Total Eclipse of the Hop” Imperial IPA, a part of the John Mitchell Series.  That was one bottle I couldn’t resist!

Total Eclipse of the Hop

Beautiful label on a signature Howe Sound Bottle!

Upon pouring I was surprised with the coppery amber color, with a large light yellow head.  The head hung around forever, even after drinking more than half of my glass, the head still remained.  Very impressed!

They have done a beautiful job of balancing extra barley malt to compensate for the near obscene amount of hops.  Make no mistake, this is a real IPA, but with enough malt to create a balance.  The good combination of hops linger long in the aftertaste, not overpowering, a nice reminder of the last sip!

I absolutely recommend this to anyone, especially those that enjoy a unique IPA!   With the 1L bottle, be sure to bring a friend!