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Driftwood Brewery – Belle Royale

Taking a complete left turn from my usual diet of IPA’s, I was convinced to try one of these purely as an experience.  As a limited release, this have become increasingly harder to find, so when I happened to see them at my local Metro Liquor, I couldn’t say no to the chance.


Driftwood calls this a “Sour Cherry Wild Ale”, and sour cherries are absolutely prominent from the moment the bottle is opened until the last sip.  I have always loved sour cherries, and I hope anyone else that tries this amazing brew enjoys the sour cherry as well!

The beer pours a deep dark red, reminding me of pouring red wine!   With an agressive enough pour, one can make a head that doesn’t last long, but is a very interesting red color!

Being prepared for sour, the taste is nothing short of amazing.  It reminds me of an incredible red wine, with some carbonation added.  The taste of oak reinforces the wine-barrel taste, with an obviously aged and well blended sour cherry taste.  A solid and enjoyable sour aftertaste lingers for a very long time,

Belle Royale is matured for over 18 months in Oak barrels, and comes out with an ABV of 8%.

If you enjoy a unique sour, and you see this on the shelf…. Buy it.  You won’t regret it!


Phillips Slipstream Cream Ale

Nearing the end of my Variety Pack from Phillips, I realized there hasn’t been a single review of these… I don’t need a 650ml bottle to post about a beer!  Halfway through my glass I decided to post this…

Cream Ales are definitely something you need to like to enjoy, some people just don’t like cream ales.. My wife included!  The Slipstream from Phillips Brewing is one of my favorite Cream Ales available, one that is malty and smooth, with a very subtle hint of hop tartness.

There is very little to no head at any point in the pour, there is light carbonation that keeps it dancing, however it drinks amazingly smooth.  This may be my favorite part of Cream Ales in general, the smooth delivery of their flavors!  Very unoffensive.

The beer is 5% Alc, and comes in a 341ml bottle, in a 6-pack or part of the Phillips Variety Pack.

Bottle Description:

“Slipstream is a precision crafted cream ale, smooth as a pedal stroke and balanced like a sweet curve in the road. Cooperative fluid dynamic techniques create a beer that is greater than the sum of its parts. The path of the least resistance is actually through a bottleneck.  Tuck into the slipstream & enjoy the ride!”


Due to a POS photo editing program saving my photo as a 1×1 pixel for some reason, I had to use my accidental flash-enabled photo… Apologies for the quality, this won’t happen again!

So, do you like Cream Ales?  What are some great ones you’ve tried?  I’d love to hear from you!

Granville Island Brewing – Irish Red Ale

Released before St. Patrick’s Day, Granville Island has come to the plate with an Irish Red Ale.  Make no mistake, this is a wonderfully balanced brew, made with Pacific Northwest Hops, it has a mild bitterness with some caramel / toffee notes that just works.  At this point, it is the Red Ale to which I will be comparing others to!  After drinking 6 of these, I’m convinced that this is the best Red Ale I’ve ever tried.

The bottle has a beautiful label, promoting the fact that this is a ‘Limited Release’ brew.   Released just before St. Patrick’s Day, I thought it would only be around for a few weeks, and have been delighted to continue seeing it in liquor stores.  It is, however, getting harder to find!  If you’ve never tried it, buy one before they’re all gone!  You won’t regret it!

Granville Island Brewing Irish Red Ale

Granville Island Brewing Irish Red Ale, available for a limited time!

This is one beer that I would like to keep on hand at all times,, it is easily my favorite go-to beverage for company, as well as my wife!  It is her all-time favorite beer, perhaps the reason we continue to keep more than one on hand at all times..

The beer has an alcohol content of 5.6%, and is available in 650ml Bottles.

Have you tried this Irish Red Ale?  What are your thoughts?  Feel free to leave a comment!

Tin Whistle Brewing – Stag Apple Scotch Ale

What a treat this was!  I have to tell a small story of how I came to own a Stag from Tin Whistle before it was available bottled…

Traveling through Penticton on a Sunday, I check to see if Tin Whistle is open.. negative!  Blast!  We do our business just north of Keremeos, and on the way back, I just happen to glance over and see the open sign on!  I bet you can still see my tire tracks in the familiar shape of a u-turn!

Inside I am greeted by the nicest older lady, who offers us some tastings… right beside the vats, which I have to say are very small compared to ones I’ve seen!  They’re not kidding when they say ‘Brewed in small batches’! 

I glance around at the 650ml bottles in the store, seeing a few I recognize, a few I don’t… My wife picks out a Kettle Valley Amber.. and I pick out Scorpion Double IPA… one I’ve had before and loved.

At the register, I see a different bottle, one I’ve never seen before… I kindly ask the lady what it is, and if it’s for sale in the same sentence, and she replies “You may be able to twist my arm into buying that…”  I had no idea they weren’t available, I thought I was getting the LAST of a limited run, not the very beginning!  With some arm twisting & money exchanging hands, I was excited to try this, but told myself I had to wait…


The rest is from memory, I was foolish and didn’t take notes…

Upon pouring, I got a strong scotch-ale smell, beautiful dark amber color, with an off-white head.  Tasting it was absolutely beautiful… there is a hint of cinnamon to compliment the apple, and the apple compliments the scotch taste… It was a complex flavor, but one I couldn’t get enough of… soon my glass was empty and I was wishing I had another!

Looking forward to when this hits shelves, I will be buying a few and perhaps editing this review with an on-the-tongue tasting report!