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Driftwood Brewery – Belle Royale

Taking a complete left turn from my usual diet of IPA’s, I was convinced to try one of these purely as an experience.  As a limited release, this have become increasingly harder to find, so when I happened to see them at my local Metro Liquor, I couldn’t say no to the chance.


Driftwood calls this a “Sour Cherry Wild Ale”, and sour cherries are absolutely prominent from the moment the bottle is opened until the last sip.  I have always loved sour cherries, and I hope anyone else that tries this amazing brew enjoys the sour cherry as well!

The beer pours a deep dark red, reminding me of pouring red wine!   With an agressive enough pour, one can make a head that doesn’t last long, but is a very interesting red color!

Being prepared for sour, the taste is nothing short of amazing.  It reminds me of an incredible red wine, with some carbonation added.  The taste of oak reinforces the wine-barrel taste, with an obviously aged and well blended sour cherry taste.  A solid and enjoyable sour aftertaste lingers for a very long time,

Belle Royale is matured for over 18 months in Oak barrels, and comes out with an ABV of 8%.

If you enjoy a unique sour, and you see this on the shelf…. Buy it.  You won’t regret it!