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Ninkasi Brewing – Total Domination IPA

From Ninkasi Brewing comes the Total Domination, brewed in Eugene, Oregon.  My first taste of the Total Domination was at St. Augustine’s Pub, on Commercial in Vancouver.  I remember it well, I knew I would be picking up a bottle in the future!

Well, the future is now!


After opening, I instantly smell a familiar strong floral hops, but with strong earthiness alongside.  It pours a beautiful light orange, one of the lighter coloured IPA’s I’ve seen.  A nice little frothy head appears which sticks around for 3-5 minutes. 

The first sip hits hard, a serious IPA hop-slap, with the malt taste smoothing it over within seconds.  Really a beautiful first wave of hops, second wave malts, and then a lingering tingle of hops thereafter. 

The Total Domination is 6.7%ABV.

Commercial Description:

“Multiple hops collide in balanced perfection, dominating the senses, achieving total satisfaction. From the Pacific Northwest, birthplace of the modern IPA, comes a beer whose name says it all.”

I would personally rank this up in the top circle of IPA’s that I’ve tried, and would love to keep a bottle on hand for the future.  I’m looking forward to trying more Ninkasi offerings!

Have you had a Total Domination?  What did you think?  Let me know by leaving a comment!